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Advanced Testimonials Manager

Script Info

This script is best suitable for a business, Company, Portfolio, or freelancer Portfolio website as well who wants to display a testimonials on their websites and manage testimonials system without any hassle. With very easy to install steps and easy to use testimonials system via both backend and from end Template works in all the major browsers, and has massive features to use for you to enable or disable the photo of the client of project title , date of the project done and ratings of how the project was done etc. For most of the part you can just follow the codes as guided below for use.

Main Features

  • Display Testimonials on any php page
  • Display testimonials randomly selected from database which changes on page refresh.
  • Display All the testimonials on the page with pagination system.
  • Enable / Disable Photo of the client on testimonial.
  • Display all testimonials with jquery cycle plugin which can be switched using next/prev option with fade effect.
  • Rotating Testimonials automatically using fade effect.
  • Rotating Testimonials using click function.
  • Enable of Disable of many features like Date, Project title, Ratings, Photo etc.

Live Demos

Some features have been disabled to avoid spamming.

Username: admin
Password: demo@1234

User Interface

Updates & Changelog

Updated 5.1 – 8th September 2016

Fixed : Issue with photo not saving while updating.
Fixed : Issue with strings translations in backend.
Fixed : Photo delete issue with version 5.0  …
Removed : unwanted variables
Added : SSL function for the script URL to replace the protcol
Fixed : Missing few strings in localization from admin
Modified Config.php with the version number file
*Kindly please take a backup of everything before making any update.*

Updated 5.0 – 20th July 2016

Fixed : Security issues with the mysql statements.
Updated : script now comes with all the prepared statements
Updated : Script localized with gettext

Updated 4.1.1 – 13th April 2016

Fixed : Issue with global options for date, rating, photo, etc.
Added : Global option for using settings individual or global
Fixed : Issue with admin settings failed on submit
Fixed : Issue with Custom Ratings system
Added : Email Validation frontend
Fixed : Issue with opacity on frontend submission

Updated 4.0 – 14th February 2016

- Fixed - mysql_connect deprecation error
- Fixed - mysql_query deprecation error
- Fixed - all other deprecated issues
- Updated : Frontend and Backend User Interface
- Added : Option to set default date enable/disable
- Added : Option to set default rating enable/disable
- Added : Option to set default photo enable/disable
- Added : Option to set default title enable/disable
- Added : Option to set default Citation enable/disable
- Added : Option to set default Citation enable/disable
- Added : Option to change the listing text color
- Added : Option to change the citation text color
- Added : Option to change the background text color
- Added : Option to change the border color
- Added : Customize ratings to text instead of stars
- Added : Captcha system for the frontend submission
- Removed : Validation option for title and photo in frontend
- Removed : unwanted css files

Updated 3.0 – 2nd May 2014

- Fixed : Fixed all the previous bugs
- Updated : Added New User Interface
 - 2.0 on 27th February 2012
- Fixed fetching testimonials in different directory locations.
Updated - 2.0 on 17th February 2012
Updated - 1.4 on 12th November 2011
Updated - 1.3 on 21st June 2011
Updated - 1.2 on 4th April 2011
- Updated - 1.1 on 3rd March 2011
- Fixed all the previous bugs
- Fixed adding testimonial failed bug


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