PHP Scripts


Update 1.2

– Fixed the bug Cyrem spoke about.

– Fixed the live preview.


A simple and lightweight Drag and Drop system powered by jQuery UI and PHP that allows you to Drag and Drop whichever file you wish to download from the server.

The server will then zip the files and allow you to download them in only one zip instead of having to download multiple files.

This is both a great bandwith saver for server and user alike, but also very easy and an aesthetic asset to your website.

Note: You do need zip support on your server, though most servers do have this, you always should make sure.

The final zip includes HTML , CSS, PHP and the javascript.

To set things up on your own server, all you have to do is change the thumbnails and links to your own file thumbnails and links. The demo uses images, but you can just aswell make it link to any other filetype.


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